From the age of 16 onward, I taught myself to sing and play a variety of instruments, including guitar, harmonica, banjo & bass. I enjoy creating intricate musical worlds of imagination and wonder. So far, I’ve collaborated on the following 3 albums:

RefractionsRelative to the Absolute
Statement 8Consciousness Precedes Matter
Ultimate ImperativeUnity Awareness


Relative to the Absolute

Refractions is a musical collaboration which involved 30 musicians and resulted in the album Relative to the Absolute, which took 15 years to complete.

Relative to the Absolute is a piece of continuous music, meaning that each of the 12 songs flows seamlessly into the next and the final notes of the last song blend into the opening notes of the first song. This allows the album to be played seamlessly on repeat, creating the impression of an unending musical journey.

This melodic pop album features a large variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, violin, harp, sitar and many more, which together create islands of songs in a sea of sound.

The guest musicians include Cheryl DuvallMilan MesDaan HofmanHabiba DoorenbosMichel Mulder & Ilse Warringa.

Statement 8

Consciousness Precedes Matter

Statement 8 is a rockband featuring Robert van Spanje (guitar), Willem Zwarthoed (bass), Wouter Stoeken (drums) and Lee Mason (vocals, harmonica & tamborine).

The rock album Consciousness Precedes Matter (2011) was recorded, mixed and mastered at the IJ Studios in Amsterdam by Peter Akkerman of the band Alamo Race Track.

Statement 8’s musical influences include Led Zeppelin, The Who & The Black Crowes.

Ultimate Imperative

Unity Awareness

Ultimate Imperative is an artistic collaboration between Lee Mason (composition, arranging & mixing) and Menno Knol (audio engineering & mastering).

The duo started making music together in 1989. Three decades later, they released Unity Awareness.

This electronic music album is a piece of continuous music, meaning that each song flows seamlessly into the next and the final song blends into the first song.

The main instruments on Unity Awareness are drums, bass and electric pianos, all of which were computer-generated, which gives the album a unique, unworldly sound. The tempo, time-signature and key of the songs all change frequently, which creates an intense listening experience. If you like the instrumental work of Frank Zappa, then you might enjoy this album.

Behind the Scenes

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