Lee Mason

My Personal Background

As a child, I was fascinated by the power of asking questions. By asking “How?” and “Why?”, every day I would discover more about our wondrous world, in which the iron in our blood originated in dying stars and in which single-celled organisms, over billions of years, evolved into millions of lifeforms, from earthworms to palm trees, from owls to polar bears.

During secondary school and college, while gradually expanding my knowledge about the “How?” of our world, I also became increasingly interested in the “Why?” of our world. As a result, I explored a variety of philosophical questions, such as:

  • Why is there a universe rather than nothing at all?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • How can we best spend the limited time that we have available during our life?

I familiarized myself with scientific theories regarding the origin of the universe, historical views on the nature of reality and philosophical perspectives on the ultimate purpose of life.

In addition, I developed a daily routine of exercises, including physical training, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and yoga. I also regularly engaged in meditation exercises and other spiritual practices. Gradually, my routine enabled me to consciously change unproductive behaviour and eventually become a better version of myself. In doing so, I discovered my three main life goals, which are: