Turning Nothing into Something

Throughout my life, I’ve collaborated on a number of creative projects, including three music albums and a short Virtual Reality film.

Products of Passion & Purpose

For me personally, the most rewarding projects are driven by passion and purpose.


Relative to the Absolute

On this melodic pop album from 2019, I contributed vocals, guitars and a variety of other instruments. I composed the 12 songs as continual music, so that each song blends into the next and the ending blends into the beginning. 

This album features 27 guest musicians, including Cheryl Duvall, Milan MesDaan HofmanHabiba DoorenbosMichel Mulder & Ilse Warringa.

Statement 8

Consciousness Precedes Matter

On this rock album from 2011, I contributed vocals, tambourine and blues harmonica. 

The album was recorded by Peter Akkerman of the Dutch band Alamo Race Track.

Ultimate Imperative

Unity Awareness

This instrumental electronic music album from 2019 features electric piano, bass and drums. I composed the music so that the tempo, the time-signature and the key of the songs all change frequently, which creates a rather intense listening experience.

If you like the instrumental work of Frank Zappa, then you just might enjoy this album.

Turning Chaos into Order

In 2017, I collaborated with Danny Hollander and Mathieu van den Berk to create a short Virtual Reality film, using Nokia’s OZO 360° camera.

For maximum emotional intensity, we created an unsettling psychological thriller, which won a number of film festival awards.